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Mergers and Acquisitions

Today, more and more corporate growth comes through mergers and acquisitions. Perhaps you wanted to expand your geographic reach or maybe you were looking for new technology and offerings, either way the merger or acquisition is central to your business goals. Unfortunately, mergers often fall short of everyone’s expectations.

RCR Associates has worked with numerous organizations helping them avoid the common pitfalls of an unsuccessful merger or acquisition—inadequate planning, poor communication and lack of integration of processes and culture.

We will help you stabilize the combined organization and realize the substantial benefits the merger has to offer by quickly integrating the organizations. We do this by taking a complete view of the business side and people side of the integration ensuring you:

  • Retain the best resources
  • Maximize the combined assets
  • Bring together disparate technologies and processes
  • Realize cost-efficiencies
  • Maximize revenue opportunity

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